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Nimbulis is a leading technology solutions company. With decades of experience, dating back to the Windows 95 days, we’re veterans at building highly complex database systems and mission critical applications for businesses of all sizes, including the Fortune 1000.

Our latest mission leverages all our know-how and expertise to bring you a truly state-of-the-art Business Collaboration Management (BCM) solution appropriate for businesses of any size.  We’re talking about real business collaboration – not simply message “pooling”. The kind of collaboration that supports your business by linking people, communications, and information with an easy to use, cloud-based business platform. There’s apps for simple collaboration and then there’s us. We’re about business collaboration. And there’s a big difference.

The NIMBULIS platform is more than just collaboration though. It eliminates the “bottlenecks” and “silos” your people experience with traditional applications. With our emphasis on workflow, communication, security and management, Nimbulis breaks through all the limits. It’s your company’s operational “cloud” with everyone occupying their own workspace configured just for their job. After all, people are your business and when they’re connected to information, workflow and each other, your business is ready to grow.

Nimbulis, part of the MSI family, is the pinnacle of cloud-based technology offering a complete workforce optimization solution for increasing efficiency, reducing business costs and streamlining internal operations.


“Implementing a new software can be intimidating, but the learning curve was easy, and the Nimbulis team went above and beyond to help answer all and any of our questions. Also, their support and customer service teams are always available each time we reach out to discuss anything that may come up!”

City of Evansville | Vicki, Payroll Supervisor

"The Nimbulis system is very easy to use, and has greatly improved our communication, collaboration and workflow efficiency. Their support team is amazing and always available to answer any questions we may have."

Entergy | Mike, Power Generation Manager

"Nimbulis allows us to streamline our business processes with one piece of software. Nimbulis makes it easy to track our clients and vendors while managing our hiring processes.”

Aura Services | Karen, Accountant