Collaborative Work Management

“What is Collaborative Work Management?”

Collaborative work management (CWM) focuses on the importance of operational collaboration and communication in the workplace. Collaborative Work Management (CWM) should be an operational strategy, where you can create a “central hub” where employees and partners can share ideas, plan together, communicate efficiently, and keep track of overall status and progress of key projects or events.

With the right operational Collaborative Work Management (CWM) solution:

  • Location is irrelevant – teams can collaborate even when people are in different countries
  • All communication is in one place – no more hunting for emails and attachments
  • There is increased accountability and transparency
  • The System of Record (SoR) and System of Engagement (SoE)
  • Projects run more efficiently – no more status updates or meetings to assign tasks Plans can be easily updated or adjusted as the project moves along
  • Everyone is encouraged to provide input

At Nimbulis, we deliver a digital Collaboration Work Management (CWM) platform that bridges the gap between the expectations of a connected workforce and the critical data requirements of your business. Nimbulis is a leader in digital workplace solutions that modernize and advance operational collaboration, work productivity orchestration, and business results!