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Creating a Folder Nimbulis

There are multiple ways to create a New Conversation Nimbulis.

  1. Click the New + button located on the Open Nimbuli (first 5 shown) widget and select the Folder option.

2. Click the New + button located on the Nimbuli Maintenance page and select the Folder option.


3. Click the Actions Menu, select Nimbuli, and then select the New Folder option.


4. Keyboard Shortcut – Alt+D


Step 1:

Fill out all blue fields on the New Folder Nimbulis and save.

  • Type – Folder
  • Folder Name

Tags and Description can also be applied.

Step 2:

  • Add a Participant to the Folder Nimbulis by using the Search Field and selecting the Name when it appears and Save.
  • The Nimbulis platform remembers and recommends Participants that you have used in the past. Selecting the green + button will add the person as a participant to the Folder Nimbulis.
  • Selecting the checkbox next to the Participant’s Name will give them Admin rights on the Folder Nimbulis Card.

Step 3:

Once saved additional tabs will appear:

General Tab

  • View/Edit Name
  • View/Update Status
  • View/Add/Remove Tags
  • View/Add Comments

Children Tab

  • Displays Children by Name, Type, Due Date, and Status
  • View/Edit Children

Participants Tab

  • View/Add/Make Participant Active/Non-Active.
  • Add or Remove Participants Admin rights.

Comments Tab

  • View Comments

Activity Tab

  • View Activity Log

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