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Uploading Sales Prospects

Step 1.

Note: A Lead Admin User will need to first create a Prospect Type.

  • Click on the Actions Menu and select Prospect Uploads.

Step 2:

  • Click the New + button.

Lead Uploads will be displayed by:

Uploaded On


Started On

Finished On



Warnings Errors

Step 3:

  • Select Source Type previously created by the Lead Admin User.
  • If No Source Type, you can select the No Source Type? Ask the Lead Admin to create one option.
  • Once the Source Type has been selected click on the Proceed to Upload button.

Step 4:

  • Click Select a File to Upload button.
  • The file must be in a specific format to support the data upload and clicking on the Documentation or Sample Template options will provide you access them both).
  • Click the Upload Prospects button.

Step 5:

  • When the Upload has Finished with the Status of Complete With No Errors, you will be able to View the Prospects listed in card format by clicking on the Prospect icon within your manage widget or use the Actions Menu and select Prospects.

Step 6:

A Prospect card has 4 tabs:

  • General Tab (includes many of the fields from the upload template)
  • Comments Tab (Can add comments)
  • Nimbulis Tab (Can add to a Nimbulis card)
  • Activity Tab (Displays Activity log).

A prospect can be promoted to a lead by clicking the Promote to Lead button.

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