It’s no secret that engaged employees are more likely to be successful in the workplace. Having high employee engagement is vital to a thriving business. This article covers the research behind employee engagement and how introducing a collaborative work management (CWM) platform into your company can increase employee engagement.

Employee engagement benefits your staff, customers and profits

Happy employees who are engaged and feel valued are paramount to improve retention and work satisfaction. Engaged staff exert extra effort, which leads to an increase in the engagement-profit chain. Creativity and happiness increase, which drives sales and improves customer satisfaction and returning customer rates. This increases revenues and profits for your organization. A Hewitt Research brief concluded that organizations with employee engagement at 60-70%, showed a total shareholder return (TSR) around 24%. Those with engagement levels of 49-60% saw a reduction in TSR to just over 9%, while companies with engagement below 25% saw negative TSR levels.

A 2018 Randstad study found that 69% of employees feel that their skills and talents are wasted. Your organization’s leaders should utilize tools that create the feeling of ownership to foster engagement and increase performance levels. Successful implementation of these programs will include easy ways for your people to communicate with each other and exchange feedback with teams. Performance review and management interest in people’s personal lives are also important.

What should employee engagement should look like within your organization?

When you think of employee engagement, you may picture seemingly endless meetings of collaborative teams that get in the way of daily work. “Atta-boys” and high fives, pizza lunches and daily staff huddles are surface “motivators” that have not been proven to increase engagement.

Social collaboration with cross-functional teams that include members from different departments within your organization help increase engagement. Your teams stay apprised of important information while travelling, in different offices or around the globe. Teams get work done faster and more efficiently, increasing output and reach goals faster than solo counterparts.

Your IT leaders can help foster collaboration by embracing the latest technological advances and platforms. This helps bring remote staff into the life of the business and utilizing cloud-based CWM platforms ensures easy access from almost everywhere.

Utilize CWM to achieve employee engagement success

At Nimbulis, we understand the importance of maintaining and achieving competitive advantage by improving collaboration across your organization. The implementation of digital dexterity or using the latest technology to improve functionality within business includes a CWM with bells and whistles to keep your employees engaged.

All communication is housed in one location for ease of access anytime, anywhere. Employees won’t feel out of the loop and can review missed meetings as time allows. Cross-functioning teams include talent from all areas of your organization, allowing people to bring skills and assets, improving engagement and satisfaction.

Everyone involved also can provide feedback and be held accountable to reach deadlines. Requests for assistance, events and planning and workflow information are available in an easy-to-use interface. Video conferences replace or reduce in-person meeting requirements but still afford a feeling of being together.

Nimbulis can help

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