Businesses are more aware than ever that happiness and a sense of purpose play a huge role in employee productivity. Collaboration – more specifically, meaningful collaboration – plays a huge role in making employees feel happy, valued and that their work has meaning. This article discusses what makes collaboration meaningful and how you can encourage collaboration in the workplace to increase the efficiency of your workflow.

Nimbulis offers a cloud-based collaborative work management (CWM) platform that can increase your employees’ satisfaction through engagement and meaningful collaboration. Your team can easily collaborate to accelerate your business performance.

The case for employee happiness

According to Gallup’s most recent research, only 31% of employees report being engaged at work. The good news is you can increase employee engagement and improve productivity by creating employee happiness. This can increase sales and customer satisfaction – engaged, happy staff will provide better customer service.

Keeping your employees happy and engaged can make a huge difference in your human resource budget. When an employee leaves your organization you incur the direct costs associated with replacing that individual including recruiting, interviews and onboarding process. The indirect costs are far more difficult to calculate. The lost employee most likely had already gone through extensive training and on-the-job learning. The employee capital lost through losing disengaged employees is estimated to be more than three times their annual salary.

When employees are happy at work and have a sense of purpose and worth within an organization, the results are increased productivity and reduced turnover. Collaboration in the workplace leads to increased happiness and sense of purpose.

Using effective collaborative work management software within your organization can not only facilitate teamwork but also improve employee satisfaction.

What companies get wrong about collaboration

Almost 75% of employers rank teamwork and collaboration as important within their team culture, yet around 86% of employees and executives believe that ineffective communication causes collaborative teams to fail.

Some companies still view a collaborative workspace as employees literally working in the same areas with morning huddles, constant updates and the need for other team members to sign off on sections of work. Other companies view collaboration as one and done, meaning that a team is created and left to work on a project. Meetings are scheduled and the outcome is reviewed by management. This leads to ineffective teams producing below standard work.

There is more to true collaboration than most companies think. Teamwork facilitated with feedback and a unified workspace to share collaborative documents and communication allows team members to get creative and achieve team goals.

Teams that are constantly working within proximity of each other can develop a mob mentality and lack the creative space to communicate openly and develop solutions. Research suggests that teams work more effectively with specific tasks and the ability to collaborate utilizing readily available, intermittent communication. Collaborative overload within an organization can lead to ineffective teams and reduced productivity.

Teams should be able to communicate frequently while maintaining some autonomy with their work. The digital tools available with CWM improve workflow for projects and allow teams to produce results organically.

Meaningful collaboration leads to effective outcomes

Everyone on your collaborative team needs to have clear goals and expectations set. The ideal team builds on the strength of the whole utilizing the individuals’ passion and experience. Individual team members feel like they are supplying meaningful work toward a project.

Clearly defined roles, coupled with efficient methods of communication, allow teams to achieve better outcomes, which in turn increase happiness and job satisfaction. Open lines of communication allow team members to request assistance and celebrate victories.

An open collaborative workspace keeps members apprised on needed details for individual contributions. Your teams can go to one spot and find all the information they need, which minimizes delays and reduces turnaround time.

Utilize the right tools to improve collaborative outcomes

The collaborative workspace today has expanded across the globe as teams from remote regions work together. Using CWM platforms allows your teams to create meaningful connections faster than in-person meetings and workspaces.

At Nimbulis, we understand collaborative overload. Our CWM platform combines all the necessary collaboration tools into one spot. Your staff at all levels have access to project updates, communication tools and ways to connect remotely from anywhere in the world. This reduces technology overkill by combining processes into a single platform to efficiently perform digital dexterity.

The CWM allows all the communication and contacts for a team to be housed in one location. You do not have to worry whether someone was forgotten on an email – they can access in one easy application.

Since teams are set up to be cross-functional, with members from across the organization, individuals can peruse all of the information available to them on the CWM platform to learn and grow with the company. They may volunteer for projects that pique interests outside the confines of their current role. This allows them greater opportunity for advancing their careers within your organization, another factor in creating employee satisfaction.

Improve your team collaboration and communication today

We offer a complete cloud-based CWM platform and a team of experts to help your organization achieve operational success. Contact us today to learn more about how Nimbulis CWM platform can increase your organization’s collaborative teams.