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Nimbulis unleashes unprecedented operational efficiency by integrating applications + workflow datareal-time communication into one mission-critical Collaboration Management Platform.

Each User experiences their own personalized “portal view” with everything they need in one secure place, configured for their roles and responsibilities, and available when they’re in the office or in the field.

Simply put, we empower your organization to operate with maximum efficiency and without the bottlenecks, silos, missing detail, and limitations you live with now.


Operational Reporting is too often a cumbersome activity that involves workers jumping from app to app, managers running down the “laggards”, and manual procedures needed to bring everything together.

By unifying common operational applications on one platform, with an easy-to-use interface configured and personalized to each person based on their roles, rights, and responsibilities, all that friction goes away.

No more silos and bottlenecks interfering with the productivity of your people, or the objectives of the company. It’s access to information and reporting where it’s needed, when it’s needed, how it’s needed, and all in one place (my Nimbulis account).


The Nimbulis Platform™ lets your company configure reporting hierarchies and workflows which are unbounded by department, incredibly efficient, and reliably secure. No more bridging a broken workflow with email. No More “DIY” integrations. No more notification gaps or “I just didn’t know”.

After all, isn’t your company organized by how it best achieves goals – not by the functional limits of any application you might deploy. Of course, it is.

For “enterprise” customers, we offer professional services to help with ERP, CRM, and/or HCM interoperability and synchronization. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Communication works best when everybody is connected, informed, empowered, and engaged. If your company currently utilizes a collaboration app, your people are connected to each other, but are they connected to the company and it’s resources? And what about the company? Is it cut off from all that communication and the potentially critical information and activities that are circulating?

The Nimbulis Platform™ marries all the collaboration features people love with the information, applications, and access to data people really need. For example, the Nimbulis Pulse™ ensures you never miss a conversation, deadline, work item, task, notification or comment. It’s a built-in assistant that alerts you to updates all in real-time on your personalized dashboard – your “work world” in one place. And that’s just one example.

Nimbulis simplifies operations by empowering people and companies with everything they need to work together and get work done.