Nimbulis has become a leader in collaborative work management (CWM), and it’s all thanks to the amazing individuals who make our company – and our product – so unique and valuable. Today, we want to take a moment and appreciate the culture of diversity and inclusion that powers Nimbulis and makes us a leader in the CWM industry.

Overview of Nimbulis

Denver-based Nimbulis was founded on the principal of advancing digital dexterity across all industries. It’s no secret that the future of business technology resides in the cloud, and Nimbulis, as the name implies, provides a CWM product that allows companies to operate with the nimbleness needed in the digital age. Digital dexterity means that companies are prepared to utilize emerging technologies to enhance business outcomes. Nimble companies become the early adopters of the technologies that provide vital competitive advantages.

How the innovative Nimbulis CWM enhances collaboration and decision making

Nimbulis offers the only CWM solution that provides a true central hub for all selected employees, be they members of a team, a small business or a multinational enterprise. All employees can access Nimbulis, but the company can choose which areas each employee or classification of employee may access. For example, all employees may be able to access the general hub, while other areas may be paneled off by department. This allows all employees to collaborate while restricting data to those who need it.

High-level managers are assisted in decision making by the integration of data from multiple departments, from accounting to sales to operations. This allows for the high-level and granular data analytics that drive business profitability in today’s hyper-competitive arena. Because data silos are broken down, executives have access to the data that helps them analyze where efficiencies can be gained, where costs can be cut and where revenues can be enhanced.

The Nimbulis culture

How has Nimbulis been able to create such a forward-thinking CWM application? The development of the unique and adaptable Nimbulis system results from the creative energies of our team members. We recruit technologists with vision and pride in their part in the technological revolution. They have helped build a world-class technology company that shapes the course of modern workplace collaboration.

The key to creating a tool as innovative as Nimbulis has been a culture where good ideas and creative thought are rewarded. The Nimbulis culture encourages every employee to contribute to their maximum potential. This requires values that prize diversity while fostering integrity and a focus on the Nimbulis mission: To provide the cloud-based technological innovations that take the workplace into the future.

Nimbulis offers several plans that help our customers benefit from the Nimbulis CWM application, whether a small business or giant corporation. The team plan allows a small company, department or team to collaborate, utilize data and make plans at a low monthly cost. Mid-sized companies benefit from the company plan, which allows multiple teams and departments to collaborate through a central hub. Our enterprise plan provides a centralized data storage and collaborative system that allows executives to gain thorough insights into complex facets or large organizations.

Nimbulis has become a leader in CWM due to its culture of innovation, diversity and commitment to excellence. A product is only as good as the people who develop it. At Nimbulis, we employ the technological superstars who work every day to create the products that shape the future of business. Contact us today to learn how we can help you shape the future of your business.