Digital Dexterity requires cross-functional teams to work together and deliver operational excellence

What is Digital Dexterity?

According to Gartner, “Digital Dexterity is the ability and desire to exploit existing and emerging technologies for better business outcomes”.  

Digital Dexterity is really about how ready your organization is for change.  It is about ensuring that your employees are prepared to move to where new digital and technological capabilities are going in an era of constant change. It’s about your company having that dexterity to adopt-and-adapt to new technologies, such as Collaborative Work Management (CWM), and digital workforce dynamics that foster learning and engagement in a way that takes advantage of new capabilities that have a positive impact on your business.

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What is CWM and why should it be a business priority?

Collaborative Work Management (CWM) focuses on the importance of operational collaboration and communication in the workplace. CWM is an operational strategy, where you can create a “central hub” where employees and partners can share ideas, plan together, communicate efficiently, and keep track of overall status and progress of key projects or events.

With the right Operational CWM solution:

  • Location is irrelevant
  • All communication is in one place
  • There’s increased accountability and transparency
  • System of Record (SoR) and System of Engagement (SoE) are fused
  • Projects, Sales Pursuits, and Operations run more efficiently
  • Teams are easily updated or informed as necessary
  • Everyone is encouraged to provide input