Today, cybersecurity is more important than ever, which is why Nimbulis is a fully secure cloud application. If you’re interested in Nimbulis but have questions about security, here is what you need to know about how seriously we take the security of our platforms and what measures we take to keep our clients safe.

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated

According to a recent survey, by 2020 businesses will use the cloud for 83% of their workload, and half of all global enterprises will use at least one cloud platform. Large amounts of sensitive data reside in the cloud and the amount of high-value information is on an exponential growth path.

Cybercriminals have already perpetrated many hacks into cloud-based systems, including a recent spate of ransomware attacks on local governments. These criminals want everything from marketing data to health records to even election data. They believe almost any stolen information can be monetized, and hackers continue to create new methods of not just stealing but also exploiting big data.

Employing cloud cybersecurity is one of the most important investments businesses can make. Without it attackers can nab the type of data that can severely compromise and even destroy a business, such as:

– Employee personal data, such as Social Security numbers.

– Banking records, account numbers and passwords.

– Insurance claims records.

– Customer lists.

– Business strategy papers.

– Proprietary designs, marketing plans and prototyping documentation.

For cyber crooks all these data types present money-making or chaos-creating opportunities. Companies must protect their data, especially since they face civil liability if someone steals sensitive customer information.

Because of the severe consequences of data breaches, most enterprises should work with a cloud technology company that already has security in place. Attempting to create their own security system leaves too much to chance and creates liability.

Nimbulis provides the best cloud security available. Because its programs run on Microsoft Azure, Nimbulis is able to leverage the Azure cloud’s security apparatus and compliance protocols. In addition, Nimbulis employs security-enhancing code and architecture that integrates with the Azure platform and infrastructure, resulting in a security system that hackers have never defeated.

Nimbulis already owns the latest in cyber security technology and updates it constantly. This is the level of vigilance needed to protect valuable data. Working with a tech firm like Nimbulis means cyber security need never be a worry. It’s covered.

The groundwork for creating cloud security

Cloud service providers use cloud security technologies that thwart hackers, but companies that use these cloud programs still need to secure their own infrastructure. By doing the groundwork to secure your own systems, you create a hard target hackers can’t hit.

Hackers will instead move on in their quest for soft targets. Making sure your company is never a soft target is the paramount responsibility of cybersecurity programs.

By necessity, cloud security must be a combined effort between your company and cloud service provider. A focused security approach by the IT department is what allows excellent data security.

When the approach is unfocused, IT departments often relegate cloud security to an afterthought. When this happens, cloud security is ignored until after the migration to the cloud.

Then, the IT department realizes it no longer has control of its data and scrambles to implement security measures. This is no way to run a railroad.

Though planning for data protection in the cloud is important, there is no need to overthink it. Prior to the migration, it’s important to map how data is secured on premises, and that the checks and balances have succeeded. The key to security is to replicate these successes in the cloud.

Important points to consider prior to the migration include the following:

– Sign up with a cloud service provider that has comprehensive security policies. As a Microsoft technology partner, Nimbulis follows the most stringent and up-to-date security procedures for our Microsoft-based cloud services.

– Microsoft has launched a credential management tool that ensures access to data while keeping intruders at bay. By providing access to this tool and using an all-encompassing encryption package, Nimbulis ensures its customers enjoy state-of-the-art protection.

– Understand which security processes are the responsibility of your company. Always secure the company devices that access the cloud and protect your network perimeter with a firewall.

– Always follow the security guidelines created by the Cloud Security Alliance. This not-for-profit organization offers extensive guidance in best practices.

Following these best practices is a matter of business survival. Hacking is big business as the ransomware attacks against local governments and high-profile data breaches at major corporations demonstrate. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty in identifying hackers and the problem of enforcing laws across international borders, the onus for protecting sensitive data falls on companies.

As extremely strict policies such as the General Data Protection Regulation become more commonplace, liability is becoming a much more serious matter. For this reason, partnering with a cloud services provider that has the best security offers the only reliable defense. Nimbulis, through its partnership with Microsoft and its intense security focus, offers its customers the most reliable cloud security available, ensuring private data stays private.