Successful leaders know that employees’ motivation, happiness and sense of meaning in their work can make or break a business. The right management strategies can help you cultivate a workplace culture that drives your business forward.

What is the most important part of your business?

When it comes to the four Ps of business – People, Process, Progress, Profits – which would you say is the most important?

If you were asked to identify the most important factor in business success, your answer might cite shareholders, profit margin, return on investment (ROI) or increasing sales. The reality is that your employees should hold the top spot.

Communication and the appropriate balance of autonomy and collaboration are paramount to ensuring employee success. Your people should know not only know the company’s goals and vision of the company, but also have access to tools that allow real-time feedback and enhance their teamwork.

The IBM Institute for Business conducted a survey of C-level executives, which showed that technologically savvy companies that give employees the tools needed to perform their jobs effectively have happier, more productive employees. In fact, 25% of the companies surveyed indicated that their employees were outperformers, achieving better profits and improving customer satisfaction.

Your employees are the essence of your organization and the contact point with your customers. You need their commitment to your organization’s goals and purpose. If you do not have staff buy-in or full belief that your organization aligns with their own beliefs, you will not have a culture of shared purpose.

Reinventors are changing the modern business world and employee quality of life

The IBM study deemed the top 27% of organizations in profit and overall employee satisfaction as reinventors. These reinventors understand that the incorporation of digital tools and the empowerment of employees are vital to achieving ultimate success.

The 2019 100 best places to work for from Glassdoor indicates that the top businesses – as rated anonymously by organic feedback from employees – all understand the importance of employees at every level of the organization. Comments from staff indicate they feel there is adequate training and their skills are used (In-N-Out Burger). The companies are fun, employees collaborate with varying levels of the organization, and communication is open (Bain & Company).

A culture of happiness (Zoom Video Communications) and employees who feel the company’s vision aligns closely with their own (LinkedIn) are also listed as important factors. Organizations that put people first, allow open communication and make it fun to go to work were all characteristics of the top locations from the study. Work-life balance and improved quality of life also marked the best organizations.

The common denominator of all the top businesses is their people. Management now recognizes the importance of cultivating a culture of happiness. Staff who feel valued drive improvements in business and increase value for shareholders. The people are the linchpin within the process.

When you put people first, the other three Ps – process, progress, and profits – all fall into place.

How you can create a great workplace culture within your business

The digital complexity of today’s world makes it easy to lose sight of the importance of your people. The great news is by using technological tools to enhance your staff’s functionality, you can improve employee satisfaction and develop a great workplace culture within your business.

You can keep your teams connected using collaborative workforce management (CWM) tools such as the Nimbulis CWM platform. This tool brings teams into a virtual cloud-based location that is accessible from anywhere in the world on any device. Information is available in real-time and communication tools and contacts are easy to reach from within a single platform.

The CWM improves how the groups function and workflow processes flow easily. Individual members can readily be apprised of opportunities for advancement and feel part of the overall success of the team’s projects.

You can stay in contact and get to know the people within your organization to build meaningful relationships while imparting a shared vision. Virtual meetings allow face-to-face interaction, and everyone can provide input with the digital dexterity obtained via an effective CWM platform.

Take the next steps to become a reinventor for your organization

The studies prove that improving team collaboration with effective communication leads to employee happiness, smoother processes and increased productivity. An effective CWM facilitates and documents that collaboration.

Nimbulis offers pricing plans that fit within your budget and can scale as your organization grows. Our professional team can assist you in choosing the plan that fits for your organization and offer setup assistance. Contact us today to learn more.