Understanding the Azure Active Directory and Nimbulis

Here at Nimbulis, we know about the importance of cybersecurity. As a Microsoft partner, Nimbulis can be fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to make your business not only easy to manage, but also easy to protect. Here’s everything you need to know about Nimbulis and the Azure Active Directory:

What Azure Active Directory does

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based Microsoft product which allows management of your employee and vendor log-in across several applications. The product can be used within your existing in-house server or utilizing external software as a service (SaaS) products.

A huge benefit is the added safety garnered implementing multi-factor authentication requirements for users. Azure increases protection for your internal system and data housed in cloud-based apps with ongoing threat detection when users access programs.

You can include customer and partner vendor access when needed to help improve collaboration. Azure AD allows total control of user access from internal units, mobile devices and cloud apps. All of which are padded with cybersecurity protection at access points and while using programs.

How Azure AD pairs with the Nimbulis CWM Platform

We at Nimbulis offer a collaborative work management (CWM) platform which improves digital dexterity within your organization. Access to CWM allows your teams to communicate efficiently and offers a single central hub where employees and partners can plan, create and communicate the status of projects.

Azure AD allows easy management of the group and individual users who access the Nimbulis CWM. Access levels are granted based upon your organizational requirements. Users have access to Nimbulis from anywhere in the world with the cloud-based app but you can ensure the safety of the information from cyberattacks or hackers with Azure AD log-in authentication and threat detection.

Business benefits of combining Nimbulis CWM and Azure AD

Pairing Nimbulis with Azure AD improves communication between team members while maintaining safety for sensitive data. Azure AD makes it simple to create user groups and adjust access levels of users on the Nimbulis CWM.

Business owners can view the status of projects in one location and feel secure that the information housed within the platform is safe from cyber predators. Plus, with effective collaborative communication, teams are more productive and achieve better results.

Cross-functional teams gain access to one program with an easy-to-use interface that houses all the objectives related to projects. Contacts are accessible within the CWM – there is no need to transfer to another program to find people.

Staff and strategic partners can be adjusted as needed, allowing your teams to evolve as your company and project needs change. Nimbulis CWM platform and Azure AD also offer scalability; you can grow your business and add users and groups as necessary.

Build a culture of teamwork for your success

Nimbulis is a leader in CWM and we understand the needs of the modern workplace. Our experts will work with your organization to implement user management utilizing Azure AD for access to the CWM platform. Your teams can achieve more together across the globe and you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe.

Contact us today to learn more and get started with Nimbulis CWM and Azure AD.