What makes Nimbulis stand out from other collaborative work management (CWM) solutions? The Nimbulis difference is our commitment to innovation and our dedication to making Nimbulis a place where employees from back end to front end can not only coexist but also collaborate. In this article, we’ll be covering why collaboration is so important and the factors that make Nimbulis the best CWM platform on the market.

The Nimbulis philosophy

Nimbulis is a proud leader in the field of CWM technology for the modern workplace. Today’s business world moves at lightning speed. In this fluid environment, employees must work together smoothly to achieve results. Nimbulis gives companies the tools they need to create dynamic teams across their entire enterprise.

Why collaboration is so important

Companies have long realized that employees work more effectively, are more motivated and display increased loyalty when they work in a collaborative environment. When they feel that individual competition is the focus, employees find roadblocks to communication, feel less motivated and become more mistrustful, leading to a decline in loyalty. The Hawthorne Study, which was conducted at Western Electric’s Hawthorne Works between 1924 and 1939, found that employee productivity was directly related to the work environment.

Anyone who has worked in several different environments knows from experience that employees in some companies and departments are more productive than others. The Hawthorne Study showed that this disparity is due to more than the skills of the workers and the incentives the company offers. In fact, a larger effect comes from the type of work environment – collaborative, competitive or solitary. The Hawthorne Study convinced many companies to trade in the assembly line structure for more collaborative approaches.

Studies find that this effect is even more pronounced today. A joint study between the Institute for Corporate Productivity and Babson College examined 1,100 companies and determined that companies with collaborative cultures were five times more likely to outperform their peers. The study’s authors discovered that the more successful companies had very clear mission and thoughtfully engineered the workplace to foster cooperation by considering many factors:

– Flow of information through the organization.

– Decision-making processes.

– Physical design of the workplace.

– Measurement and reward of employee behaviors.

Nimbulis enables employees to collaborate and businesses to thrive

Through its cloud-based CWM platform, Nimbulis makes collaborative environments possible that are perfect for workers in sales, finance, operations, IT and more. Teams reach their goals because Nimbulis enhances information flow by providing a platform where information can be accessed at different locations by different parties. This prevents decision makers from being hampered by a lack of insight due to data silos. Users can be given permissions based on their responsibilities and gain access to the data they need for collaborative projects or decision making.

Business is changing rapidly and more roles require increased teamwork than ever before. Though studies have long shown that collaborative environments lead to top performance, implementation has been a struggle. Before the advent of cloud-based technology allowed for CWM platform development, managers had to spend enormous time and energy trying to coordinate and track their team’s progress, often through constant meetings.

Nimbulis makes coordination and tracking a snap by automating processes that once required managers to fill out endless reports. Work can be divided and team members can communicate and share data through the Nimbulis platform. Collaboration used to be a messy and time-consuming process. Now technology takes the struggle out of coordinating teamwork.

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