More and more research suggests that collaboration plays a huge role in workplace performance. This article covers the research behind collaboration in the workplace and why your business needs a collaborative work management (CWM) system like Nimbulis to succeed in the digital age.

What is collaborative work management (CWM)?

CWM doesn’t need to be confusing. Just think of it as another model for teamwork. Business today needs collaboration between teams across the organization and with strategic partners to fulfill customer orders and increase employee satisfaction, all while improving productivity and achieving value-driven results.

Your people do not need to be in physical proximity for collaborative workspaces. Utilizing software specifically designed for collaboration allows every member of a team to participate in real time, no matter where they are located. An effective CWM system should be cloud-based to improve accessibility across all devices with minimal software maintenance. The platform should bring your team’s objectives into easily viewed segments that evaluate team and individual performance. People across multiple departments can view how their input affects others, providing a sense of cohesion across all levels of the organization. A professional CWM also houses information that all can access from any device, with custom permission settings as needed to protect high-level information.

Collaboration improves team performance

A study conducted by Stanford found that employees in collaborative teams had higher levels of engagement, experienced less fatigue and succeeded at tasks over solitary workers. The team participants stuck with the task on average 64% longer than without teams. Another study found that companies boosting collaborative work were five times more likely to achieve high performance.

Additional studies have shown that long-term teamwork situations allow participants the time and comfort level to work together efficiently without the initial getting acquainted period. The vision of what needs to be accomplished and the expectations of work allow your staff to be clear on what is expected. Incorporating digital dexterity through an expert CWM platform brings you the most recent technological advances to ensure better business outcomes for your teams.

Why you need an effective CWM system

You can improve remote collaboration by implementing software which allows team participants to communicate effectively. Since an estimated 50% of today’s employees work in a remote team setting, selecting the right CWM system can improve productivity and your staff’s satisfaction. Video conferencing allows you to avoid in-house meetings and expensive travel costs.

The CWM platform that you choose should have an easy-to-use interface that allows teams to collaborate through time and space. A home page dashboard pulls all your objectives together in a module view so your staff can manage their tasks.

Easy tracking of updates and instant notifications ensure that your team is apprised of its latest data. Housing communications in one place ensures the System of Record (SoR) and System of Engagement (SoE) are melded together for easy access to your reporting needs.

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