How It Works 2018-03-19T10:51:06+00:00

Nimbulis gives you and your teams integrated workflows between application spaces and all the communication that supports the collaboration your users do every day.

Simply, you are getting the whole organization working efficiently without the friction of applications alone.


Reporting is all about getting the data to work for you and your teams. It’s information where you need it, when you need it. Our system lets you easily setup reporting hierarchies which are more robust.


Simplify the work by empowering people with everything they need to work together. From one department to another, business owners need their people sharing critical information in a streamlined workflow. Our workspaces are easy to use and without doing anything extraordinary, it alerts your people to everything you need to know in real-time.


Communication only works if everybody is watching and listening. And that’s a problem. The Nimbulis Pulse™ feature ensures you never miss a conversation, deadline, task, message or comment. It’s like a built-in assistant that alerts you to updates all in real-time on your personalized dashboard. No more data clogs or lost communication.